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Our Shared Kitchen

“600+ meals in 48 hours - hot dinner and dessert, hand warmers, socks and more prepared and hand delivered to our unhoused neighbors as our emergency cold weather response!!”  

Ari Vinograd, President/Founder Our Shared Kitchen 1-16-24

( Photo credit: Austin American Statesman)

When below freezing temperatures hit Austin, most of us worry about frozen pipes, losing heat or keeping our pets safe. But for our unhoused neighbors the big concern is just surviving. There are countless unsung heroes and groups that band together to help people experiencing homelessness during severe weather in our community. One of them is a nonprofit called Our Shared Kitchen, started 3 years ago by Ari Vinograd, a former lawyer who loves to cook. What started as purely a passion project to bring baked goods to people in need is now a full fledged 501-c3 making a huge difference in the lives of people who don’t have a place to call home.  

“Our food is prepared with so much care and kindness. Love is put into each plate.” says Vinograd.

Thanks to a commercial kitchen, donations, partnerships and volunteers, the group was able to serve 17,000 meals last year. One Shared Kitchen is on target to deliver 25,000 nutritious meals in 2024.

Vinograd says, “ I just love food and I love our clients! Our focus is on quality, consistent meal support.”

( Photo credit: Austin American Statesman)


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