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Welcome to ATX Good News

We hope the stories here touch your heart, make you smile or perhaps even encourage you to find ways to give back to this beloved community we call home. ATX Good News launched in January 2022 with the goal of giving people a place to find uplifting, inspirational stories about Central Texas…an alternative to the divisive, negative stories that so often fill our news feeds.  

When we anchored the local TV news,  the broadcast typically ended with a “kicker” (TV news jargon for the light-hearted, last story of the show). Those final moments  in the newscast were meant to leave our viewers on a positive note. But, we always wondered why we couldn’t devote more news time to good news and shine the light on the heartwarming things that happen everyday in Central Texas. Which groups or individuals are giving back with their time, talent or treasure to make our community a more compassionate, caring place? Who is working to find real solutions to challenging problems or simply spreading joy in wonderful ways? With our ATX Good News platform, we now have a way to share the types of stories we always wanted to tell as TV news reporters but rarely had the time or opportunity to cover. 

We are passionate about this project and positive storytelling. We love discovering and sharing meaningful, memorable stories about Central Texas. Our coverage comes from a variety of sources; social media, emails, news releases, friends, followers and other trusted news outlets...the traditional ways reporters find stories. But we really depend on you to let us know when you see good news happening in your world. You are our eyes and ears in the community. Email us at . 

We believe good news shouldn’t be an afterthought or saved for the final few minutes of a broadcast. It should be front and center providing a little happiness and hope which is vital to our mental health during difficult times. 

Thanks for hopping on the ATX Good News train with us! There may be a few detours along the way, but we promise the ride will lift your spirits. 


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