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Building Beds and Building Hope

Dripping Springs High School Sophomore Cade Haire woke up in his bed on Saturday morning, warm and rested. He was ready to face freezing January temperatures with his mom and help build beds for other children who don’t have them.

“I was thinking about how much I love my bed and how much I hope the kids who get these beds will love theirs too,” said Cade Haire.

Cade and his mother, Carolyn Haire, are part of the Young Men Service League of Dripping Springs. The organization offers teens and their moms the opportunity to serve together through various nonprofits. The Haires and more than 100 other boys and their mothers worked together to build 36 beds for Austin-area children who don’t have them. YMSL partnered with the Austin Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) to build the beds and deliver them to children along with sheets and comforters. 

According to Austin SHP Co-President Steve Gielda, there are more than 20-thousand children living from Round Rock to Kyle who are sleeping on the floor or a couch. This bed building effort is a step toward changing that. 

“It’s not just about putting kids in a bed,” said Gielda. “We want to give them a good night’s sleep, so they may be successful in school and become a better contributor in their family and community.” 

Many of the high school students and their moms learned new skills during the building process. There was drilling, sanding, staining, and branding. They also relied on teamwork to get the beds built, and simply spent time together, which can be challenging at times for teen boys and their mothers.

“It’s great to work with my son,” said YMSL Mom and 6th Grade Science Teacher Carolyn Haire. “This is a great way to give back and spend time together. As a teacher, I also know how critical it is for children to get a good night’s sleep for their growth and education.” 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Austin) was this year’s recipient of the YMSL “Ultimate Gift” that brings all of the boys and moms in the Dripping Springs chapter together to serve and make an ultimate impact. 


“This “Ultimate Gift” is meant for everyone to take part in,” said the Chairperson of the 2024 YMSL Ultimate Gift Lesli Bassford. “ We learn when we all work together and give just a little, we make a bigger impact.” 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Austin) has a goal to build 500 beds for children in 2024. The 36 beds the Dripping Springs boys and their moms built will certainly go a long way towards reaching that goal. 

Find out more about volunteering or donating to Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Austin) here. 


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