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A Calling to Care for Animals

“ I am motivated to help animals because to me they represent what is good and pure in this life.”

~ Tracy Frank, Founder, Society for Animal Rescue & Adoption

On any given day, nearly 700 animals, from alpacas to pot-bellied pigs to cows, cats, ducks and dogs roam the largest animal sanctuary in Texas. Some were unwanted, others were abused and a good share have special needs, but they all found refuge and renewed hope on 100 acres of pastureland in Seguin, 65-miles southeast of Austin. The Society for Animal Rescue & Adoption (SARA) started in the mid-1990’s when animal lover Tracy Frank quit her job to follow a calling to care for unwanted animals. For more than 30 years, she  has run the nonprofit on her family’s former cattle ranch. What keeps this sassy, 60-something caring for critters from before sun-up to well after sundown? “ I have always, as far back as I can remember, loved and cared about any animal. I guess I inherited a strong empathy gene somewhere in my family tree.”  

One of SARA’s recent success stories is Nickel Pickle. The friendly four-year-old Pitbull was rescued in Austin after he was viciously attacked by another dog, then left outside in the freezing rain overnight.  A concerned neighbor contacted rescue groups all over the country and had no luck finding help. When she eventually emailed SARA, the sanctuary replied they would welcome him with open arms. But the pooch faced another major challenge: he was obese and desperately needed to lose weight. Since he arrived at SARA in late January, Nickel Pickle’s life has turned around dramatically. Frank says  “ He’s in a wonderful foster home in Austin. He continues to lose weight and is getting healthier by the day. We hope he’ll be adopted soon. He’s a happy dog who has been through so much.“ 

(Puppy sisters found abandoned in South Austin )


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